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„Journey Intensive” Seminar – in a nutshell

On September 29 - October 1, 2017 Brandon Bays will give in Bucharest „The Journey Intensive” Seminar – The Introductory Seminar of „The Journey” Method


An exceptional person, a great soul, an excellent professional – Brandon Bays!

The seminar schedule is full: the participants are taught, both theoretically and practically, the basic elements of the emotional healing method „The Journey” as well as the „Advanced Skills” module.

The seminar’s atmosphere is pleasant, relaxing. We take off our masks for unveiling what we truly are.
And, in case some of us used these masks because we believed that what we are it’s not so great, is ugly, inappropriate, insufficient… etc. etc., during these three days Brandon Bays take us in a „Journey” where:
Ø    We heal the emotional wounds the past has left in our souls;
Ø     We learn to accept our emotions;
Ø     We find out how to manage sadness, anger, disappointment, loneliness, loss – painful emotions in general;
Ø     We learn to forgive;
Ø     We realize, including by direct experience, that everyone’ soul is essentially made of the most beautiful things in the world: kindness, truth, love, unconditional acceptance, light, peace, freedom, purity and so on.

Brandon Bays returns to Romania for the third time in the last twelve months for giving the „The Journey Intensive” Seminar on September 29 - October 1, 2017!

For details and subscription, CLICK HERE


In the summer of 2011 a friend of mine offered me something which I later found to be a very precious gift: the book „The Journey”, by Brandon Bays. It is the inspiring and extremely powerful story of a very brave woman who has helped own healing from a tumor working on the past emotional traumas. As a result of her bodily, mental and emotional healing endeavor, in just six weeks her basketball sized tumor disappeared completely. Her story is a living testimony about the body-mind-spirit connection and sets us on to consider all the being’s dimensions when healing is concerned.   

Subsequently and as a result of this, Brandon designed the healing method called ” The Journey” that she offers to everybody in the end of the book. Her amazing story and the healing cases described in the book, as well as the generosity she shows by offering this method to all, had a strong impact on me – so strong, that in November 2011 I reached Prague, to a seminar entitled „Journey Intensive” with Brandon Bays.  

There I have spent three extremely emotionally and spiritually healing days. The presentation, as well as the exercises we did during the seminar, took place in an environment of total acceptance of what we are, of own emotions. Nobody was criticized, judged, no emotion was rejected, since all the emotions have a message for us and they, like us, people, also need acceptance and love. As I was about to find out, the acceptance and love for the emotional dimension in us are key points of the method – besides the access to the Source and emphasis on forgiveness.    

I was surprised to find that I was feeling like a little kid, just learning to walk my way through my emotional life, although until that moment I used to think that my personal problems were “already worked out”, during over 14 years of personal development and psychotherapy study and training. But there I discovered the truth that there was still road to go on until I was able to totally accept myself, as Brandon taught us.

But in order to achieve this I had to allow myself to finally feel whatever was arising, to truly be myself, beyond the lies that I or others used to say about me, beyond judgements or criticism I am subjected to and makes me want to “show that I feel good”, even sometimes when I do not feel good.

I learned some time ago that healing starts with the total acceptance of own states. But I have discovered that I had learned just theoretically. I found out that our emotions, even those that we label as negative, are merely layers covering the true Light of our beings’ essence. Properly processed, these emotions can lead us towards what we truly are, to the Reality of our beings – namely towards what Brandon calls “The Source”, the Christians call Spirit or soul, the Hindus call Divine Self – Atman etc. (I have always been fascinated by the way people from various traditions give different names to the same realities and I have actually never understood why various religions or spiritual orientations argue about, since all seem to converge in the essential points).

Briefly, I found out about and “absorbed into my cells” (as Brandon says), a method based on truth and emotional honesty. I acknowledged that I can only start my soul healing from where I am, since the recognition of the place where I am at the present moment is the first condition for healing the past or present pain.

Brandon Bays emphasize on expressing emotions and avoiding to hide them (repressing emotions is pathogenic). In her wonderful work, she starts from the researches of dr. Candace Pert who proved that when people experience an emotional shock and shut themselves down, unable or unwilling to say what they feel in the difficult moments in their lives, chemical changes occur in the body, blocking the cells receptors and isolating them from the rest of the cells. In time – and because there are no emotions management manuals – this mechanism leads to emotional or physical conditions.

That’s why, after accepting the repressed emotions, healing continues by expressing what we could not say and then by forgiveness. The emphasis on forgiveness of those who hurt us is the main, deeply generous message, of this healing process – and Romanians, as Christians, do know this very well. It was just that I, personally, I did not know so far how to do it (when you are hurt, is not very easy to forgive just like that - I was saying to myself); the ”Journey” gave me a set of “how to” steps, to say so.

I returned home with a full heart: I was feeling more open and spontaneous, lighter, freer and full of gratitude and admiration in front of this generous message. I pondered: if each of us respects inner states, learns to love and forgives oneself and others, we would probably know better how to respect what the others around us feel an we would truly open ourselves towards the TRUTH in us and LIFE.

Beyond all Brandon Bays transmitted us a message of love and peace that starts within – a deeply human message. Thank you!


God’s will is not an itinerary, but an attitude. (Andrew Dhuse)

Life just as you want it
The movie „The Secret – Law of attraction” has a tremendous success throughout the world. It proposes a system – infallible at first sight – for obtaining everything we want in life. But a little essential secret misses that we neglect much too often; this secret would make many people’s lives much easier if they learn to integrate it in their attitude towards life.

The movie speaks about the power each of us has to build our lives as we want, by using the power of the conscious and subconscious mind through creative visualization techniques. “The universe is your catalogue of products”, the movie says. Everything comes towards you according to the images from your mind and feelings in your soul.

The processes in your mind attract what happens to you, the movie also say. So, you must choose what you what to bring in your life and then live in advance, with your entire being, the joy of receiving what you wanted. It’s like in the tale of Aladdin – he used to take the magic lamp, rubbing it until one djin would appear, saying: "Your wish is my command."

When applying this metaphor to your life, the process would go like this: you are Aladdin and ask want you wish for. The universe is the Great Djin which the spiritual traditions used to call in various ways: Guardian Angel, Superior Self etc. All traditions say that something more than the limited ego exists within us. The djin says: "Your wish is my command" – and so the desire is sooner or later fulfilled.  

The missing secret
It seems simple, doesn’t it? So, let’s do it! But what misses from this equation is the attunement between human’s will and God’s Will. This is because sometimes we may wish something that could harm us. Our limited ego, generated by social masks and defense mechanisms, could choose something that is not good for the soul, for its evolution. The mind can deceive us with its desires – which may even not belong to us, but may be simply placed within us by those who have contributed to our development or by social norms.
I want to exemplify this through a scene from another movie – “Highway 60”: The man who could fulfill any desire goes by bicycle on a street. He goes by a car while the driver – one young, well dressed man – suddenly opens the car’s door. The man bumps into it, breaking the car’s door. A truck goes by and destroys the young man’s phone that he had dropped during the crash. The young man goes extremely upset and starts shouting at the supposedly guilty man: “O, God, I wish none of these have ever happened!” Looking at him meaningfully, The man who could fulfill any desire asks him “Are you sure you truly want this?” “Oh, Yes, of course Yes!”, the man cried, increasingly angry. “So be it!” the Man answers.
In the next scene, The man who could fulfill any desire goes by bike graciously quite close to the young man’s car door, but without bumping into it this time. The young man gets out of the car while speaking on the phone and is deadly hit by the truck. The conclusion of the The man who could fulfill any desire was: “Sometimes, the people really don’t know want to wish for!”  

The world a desires is very deceiving. Especially in such a consume-related world as the one we live in nowadays, when a desire is fulfilled, other ten arise – and so, it’s increasingly difficult to find the peace of mind. The only guide that could help us in the midst of desires is the simple and humble expression: “I want this, but God’s will be done!”

Jesus did so even when his life was endangered. He did this so simply, with so much love, self-giving and humbleness that his attitude – deeply significant for the mankind’s spiritual future – went unnoticed for most of the people. Actually, at those moments, He manifested the ideal attitude of people in life: “Thy will be done, Father, not mine!”

Possible errors
„God’s will be done!” should not become a noble excuse for passivity. I feel the need to mention this since, by the time when I was a student in Psychology College, something happened to me from which I had a lot to learn.

It was a few days before the Faculty graduation exam. I was discussing with a teacher of mine, a woman which I was admiring very much as a person, as well as a professional. I was about to live and she wished me to get an A at the final exam. I answered almost automatically, according to my religious education got from my grandmother: “Thanks! God’s will be done!” My teacher seemed like I did hit her with something: “But why do you speak about God? Don’t you trust yourself?”

I was shocked not because of her words, but of the emotional charge beyond the words. She seemed truly annoyed because of what I had just said. I went out with a feeling of embarrassment, without knowing why – Romania is anyway a religious country, so speaking about God was not something unusual.  

At that moment she seemed to me as being a representative of the rationalistic thinking trend which excludes the divine intervention in our lives. And probably I appeared to her like an exalted religious person. Even by today I could not understand what my mistake was and why my surrendering in the hands of God was excluding the self confidence – why the two attitudes could not co-exist in my teacher’s mind.

Control versus surrender
Now I would like to get back into my psychotherapist role and emphasize that the belief in God is one of the most long living inner resources. Even in the great cataclysms – when all other life skills loose their power, the belief system is completely turned upside down and confusion prevails – the faith in the divine intervention helps the people to regain the confidence in their capacity to handle with even the most difficult situations. In other words, the capacity of the people to entrust themselves to the Divine Will enables them to access more of their psychological resources.

Of course, the healthy mental and emotional attitude implies a balance: do your best to achieve your goals. But also know when to surrender to the course of Life or Will of God. This will prevent you from the obsessive, anxiety-related and unrealistic tendency to control everything and from the exhausting claim of perfectionism (which often results in cardio-vascular diseases, sleep disturbances, ulcer, headaches etc.).

”All of us are much too familiar with the pole of activity, too proud of our deeds, too much dependent on our intellect and our fragile control so that self-giving, confidence and letting go (and surrender – I would add) are unlikely to become our common ways of behaving”, Thorwald Dethlefsen, German humanistic psychologist and Rudiger Dahlke, German doctor say in their work “Krankheit als Weg: Deutung und Be-Deutung der Krankheitsbilder” (the English translation of the text was done according to the Romanian version of this work). 

As it is in Heaven...
Obviously, the mind alone can not always access the highest purposes of the existence, which are more accessible through intuition and emotion. I now remember the words of Antoine de Saint Exupery: „You can only see well with the heart. The essence is invisible to the eyes.” That’s why, we need to attune ourselves to this vaster understanding which comes form the superconscious – a part of our being insufficiently explored by the scientific psychology. And we must admit that we don’t know everything and the mind can not solve everything.

And if, when setting our objectives, we learn to say: “God, I am asking you this, I do my best to get it, but Thy Will be done!” we would access more often the inner peace and serenity – which are so rarely present in our souls in these troubled days (out of multiple causes – global warming, economic crisis, natural catastrophes, war and diseases).

Learning to surrender to the Divine Will and knowing when to say „Let go, let GOD!”  are ways to cultivate the confidence in Life and in ourselves as parts on a vaster Whole, built by a Superior Intelligence which often amazes us with its surprises and wonders.  

In this way we could share life in the heart of the mankind’s great  family, as children of God, with the wonderful hope that the world we live in one day could become, as Jesus also taught us, more than two millennia ago: “ON EARTH, AS IT IS IN HEAVEN!”